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Holiday Schedule in 2023

Release time:2/16/2023  [Print]
Holiday Schedule in 2023
Festival Holiday Time Days Resume work
New Year's Day(元旦) 1st-2nd of January 1 3rd of January
Spring Festival(春节) 21th of January to 29th of January 9 30th of January
Tomb-Sweeping Day(清明节) 5th of April 1 6th of April
Labour Day(劳动节) 1st of May 1 2nd of May
Dragon Boat Festival(端午节) 22th of June 1 23th of June
Hungry Ghost Festival(中元节)  30th of Augest 1 31th of Augest
Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节) & National Day(国庆节) 29th of September - 3rd of October 5 4th of October